Thursday, 12 February 2009

When You're Dying For a Wii

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: When we were in Blackpool and whilst visiting rellies, we were treated to a go on a Wii. Ok, I'd heard of them but had just lumped them in with PlayStation/XBox 360s etc which I am utterly useless at anything that requires more than two buttons pressing at the same time (yes, I know that's most of get the picture) and haven't got the patience for. (Give me an old Mega Drive 2 with an Aladdin cartridge and now you're talking).

Anyway, after a few hours spent digitally ten pin bowling and lobbing a virtual tennis ball over a photoshopped net we were hooked. I lasted about a week before we went and got one from Argos. Three days later we were still moaning about sore muscles that we hadn't used for some time. Bloody good fun though. My son Joe had his 19th birthday recently so that was a good excuse to buy him Mario Karts, House of the Dead and Call of Duty. Mario Karts is pretty good fun and the most 'family' orientated. House of The Dead is obviously a massive gore-fest with plenty of exposed rib cages after you've unloaded your pump-action into the chests of a lurching zombies. Haven't played that one yet...looks a bit scary.

Aside from Mario Karts, the next most played game I bought is 'Blazing Angels'. Yes, I know, predictably it's a WWII flying game with missions, dogfights, bombing and strafing runs etc. A little tricky to get the hang of the controls at first (if you're a klutz like me that is) but once you've managed to take off without destroying half your own airfield it's like plain sailing...I mean flying. Great fun apart from getting your arse riddled with tracer fire when you're not expecting it. Utterly frustrating but immensely satisfying sending Heinkel 111s spiralling out of the sky trailing plumes of black smoke. Joe is miles ahead of me and I don't get many goes on it but it's much more fun than watching telly or doing the washing up.


Studiotoad said...

but you didn't buy Guitar Hero????

Steve Cox said...

Why would I want that? I have a Gibson Les Paul and a !00watt Marshall Half stack already. Mind you, I've never played it (Guitar Hero) so I don't know what I'm missing admittedly. Do you Wii?

Studiotoad said...

Not yet- and I have not experienced GH yet myself, but as a drummer it looks like fun.

I don't much fancy the Rock Band drum thing mind- but then I have an understairs cupboard full of vintage Ludwigs

i DO want some 'leccy drums though, oh yes.

and we wait to wii til christmas I fink...