Thursday, 12 February 2009

Red Rant

Ok, this is minor...but nonetheless it gets my goat every time I reach for the tommy sauce to spruce up a sausage sandwich. Not that I consume much of the stuff anyway but when I do it would be nice if the stuff came out of the bottle in an orderly fashion. For decades, if not longer, the consumer of this fine product has had to endure bruised palms from slapping the arse off the bottle trying to get a glob of ketchup to appear. The freshly opened bottles were the worst, I've had to resort to stuffing a knife down it's neck just to dislodge some of the red stuff.

Finally some boffin in the Heinz labs came up with the idea of the 'squeezer'. Good idea...except it still doesn't work. The new inverted ones (the fat one on the left in the pic) are the worst. You have to squeeze it so hard to get anything to appear that it nearly always overshoots the target and goes all over the plate/table/trousers etc. If you're going to re-design packaging Herr Heinz, do it properly please because this sucks. Sort it out.

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