Thursday, 5 April 2012

Rock On

One of the joys of working on a project like this is the input from a creative client. It feels much more like a collaboration when you know the person who is commissioning you has spent time thinking about how things might look. It can make the process a lot more interesting when I can take someone's concept and develop it visually, rather than having a vague idea to work with. I also know that with this particular project I can do pretty much what I want around the description. This is just a great way to work and I wish all projects could be like this.

Here's the client's brief/description...

Rock Hounds: These are massive dogs that the Dwarves use underground, in their dark, twisting mines, to smell out minerals. They should be slightly calcified, and on their backs some small stalactites should be forming. They need quite large, round eyes for seeing in the dark, probably yellow, and generally need to look tough, scarred and growling.

More like this please.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Still amassing the dwarf army in the studio allowing me an opportunity to try out a few different painting techniques I'm currently experimenting with...and which explains a few inconsistencies here and there. I'll sort those out later. I feel like I've learned so much recently whilst working on these but I'm also having to remind myself that these characters are only going to be about 6cm high when printed on the game cards so I'm probably already putting in too much detail. I'll probably have to beef the outlines a bit up to kick them off the background as well but we'll see when I assemble the final artwork.

The intention originally was to just colour my rough sketches with a bit of tidying up here and there but it's hard not to get carried away. In any case, it will be good to work some them up to a higher standard at some point so they can be used in a larger format elsewhere. I'm enjoying creating these a lot.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Dwarf Sharpshooter

Started colouring Dwarves today. How many shades of brown can be achieved I am wondering...