Monday, 18 August 2008

Big War Movie Themes

The 1969 fim, "The Battle of Britain" was on TV the other day. It has to be one of my all-time favourites. Not the sort of film I can imagine being made today, even if it were possible since there aren't as many vintage aircraft available to do it unless it was all CGI. It reminded me of an illustration that used to feature on the cover of "Big War Movie Themes" a collection of classic movie scores performed by Geoff Love and his Orchestra. Evocative stuff and a great cover as well, although I don't know who the illustrator was.


Jonathan Emmett said...

Hi Steve

I had to smile when I saw this. One of the first LP's I bought s a kid was "Star Wars and other Space Themes", which was also by "Geoff Love and his Orchestra" and featured a really queasy sounding orchestral version of the Doctor Who theme. The album also had a great cover, possibly by the same illustrator, featuring two generic looking Star-Wars type figures along with the Tardis, Star-Trek's S.S. Enterprise and a very foxy Barbarella. I don't have it any more, but you can glimse the cover and even hear snatches of each track at using this link:

Steve Cox said...

Hey Jonathan

There are some pretty strange versions of well known tunes on that one. Geoff must have been going through his funk phase at the time. Cool cover!

Tessa said...

Hi Steve

I still have this album, on the backside of te cover it say's

Illustration: Tom Chantrell

Who also was the illustrator of the Star Wars covers

Steve Cox said...

Thanks Tessa!