Monday, 3 June 2013

Lords of Awards

I was delighted to learn that the Lords of War strategic card game which I spent much of last year working on, in terms of design and illustration was very well received at the UK Games Expo last weekend. Furthermore it scooped up the award for 'Best Strategic Card Game', beating other more established contenders such as Wizards of the Coast to the top spot.  Positive reviews of the game are rolling in, including one from Beasts of War here.
I am obviously quite chuffed with the reviewer's comments: 

"I can quite honestly say this is one of the best looking games you’ll ever play. The artwork for each of the factions is utterly astounding with character filled and colourful portraits staring up at you at every moment."

It's so nice to read something like that after so much hard work! The guys at Black Box were also working hard at the Games Expo and obviously over the moon when the awards were announced. Orders have started to flood in which is fantastic news.

click on image to read read article without a microscope.

The next game 'Elves versus Lizardmen is going to print as we speak and you can catch up with other breaking news on the Lords of War Facebook page.

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