Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Greyscaling an Elf

Second attempt with this...

Well, this is not for the faint-hearted. Having just invested in a new iMac workstation, I thought I'd try the QuickTime screen recording feature. So...not entirely successful and without boring you with details this is a bit of a fudge to get it speeded up. I could tell you that I work this fast on a good day but then I would be lying.

Ideally there would have been proper editing to make more flash with some suitably ambient elfish music, opening title sequence, fancy annotations, popcorn, B movie slot etc etc etc. Ho hum, never mind.  Just make yourself a coffee, put your own elf music on and sit back to be numbed senseless.

Bear in mind this is just a base painting for a figure that will be printed pretty small (playing card size).  All tidying up etc will be done at the next colouring stage.  Hopefully by then I will have worked out how to use Apple's new iMovie to edit it into a more viewer-friendly package.

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