Wednesday, 28 April 2010

All Bar One

Click diagram for clearer view

I'm trying to show a friend a few tips on playing rock guitar at the moment and he emailed me to ask about how bar chords worked. I decided it was easier to try and explain diagrammatically and put together a couple of A4 sheets so that he could refer to it when trying to work out chords for songs. Knowing that the song goes: D, Bminor, G, A isn't quite enough information for folk just picking up a guitar for the first time.

You can play a lot of rock songs with these few chords so once you've worked out these few shapes you're away. I thought I'd put them up here so any new guitarists may find them useful. Of course if anyone has spotted any mistakes please let me know.

We'll be covering Pentatonic Scales next week (only joking).

Click diagram for clearer view


kk said...

Good work Strik, certainly looks the biz

Stephen Gardner said...

You are a friend indeed sir. I'm off the the guitar center right now.

WV entati "I feel the presence of a weird 'entati' in the bathroom"