Monday, 1 February 2010


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From more recent work in the last post back to an old sketch I found during my recent rummages. This was something I remember which started out as a doodle with a biro just after I left college and was living in a shared flat in Bristol. The previous inhabitants had left spaghetti dangling from the ceiling which is what might have started it off.

Anyway, I quite liked the effect of the biro which was past it's best and would create interesting broken lines over the rough paper.

I did a couple of others around the same time but I like this one the best.


Stephen Gardner said...

It occurs to me that your are having a great career as an illustrator for one who studied graphics whilst most of the people I was in illustration class with are no longer in the business. You summed it up well yourself by saying how much you love to draw. I remember who you did so many great posters for the Jingle Bell Ball. I took the one "I wondered lonely as a cloud" and had it up in my studio for quite a while. That was a great night. I'm really enjoying catching up with your work.

Steve Cox said...

I have been lucky enough to make a living out of drawing, it's true. Sometimes it's easy to forget how fortunate that is. I didn't study Graphic Design by choice and would have loved to have studied illustration properly but you guys with your elipses and Rotrings and exploded views of wankel rotary engines frightened the wotsits out of me. It was different back then.

I don't regret having studied Graphic Design as it's been very useful - but I think I've always suffered from lack of confidence with my illustration work, even after all these years making a living from it.

But yes, I do love drawing. I'm just having a burst of rediscovering that which is good. Funny how it's coincided with reacquainting myself with you and your work. I've always been pretty terrible at keeping sketchbooks going and I find your sketches and drawings quite inspiring.

"I wondered lonely as a cloud" rings a bell but I can't for the life of me remember what it was?...