Thursday, 5 June 2008


I set off just after 11am and soon find myself on the A40 heading east. As I passed Gloucester I saw a sign saying 'Freshly cut Asparagus' so I stopped and bought some. This was consumed a couple of days later with lashings of butter and black pepper...delicious. Much better than that pale green stuff you get in supermarkets that's been grown in Thailand or somewhere.

Back on the bike and I stay with the A40 all the way past Oxford and High Wycombe and then turn off towards Amersham and Chesham. It feels strange going back to the place where I was born and haven't been back to since I left in the late 60's. It's about 40 years since I was in this part of the country last and I'm keen to see if there is anything I can actually remember from that long ago.

Seeing a sign for 'Amersham Old Town' I take a left turn and find myself in a very picturesque old town centre...which I don't recognise at all. I'd like to say I did but I didn't!
It all looks very posh and very English and doesn't tie up at all with any of the memories I have from my early childhood. After a few laps of the centre I decide to have some lunch and think about where I'm going to visit next.

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