Monday, 12 May 2008

Oh How Absolutely Marvellous!

As I sit at my desk, Wacom Stylus in hand, racing towards another deadline, I find myself wondering if anyone who looks at the illustrations I produce in books has any idea of what it takes to get a drawing into print. I am reminded of a brilliant cartoon strip by Posy Simmonds from The Guardian (?) a few years ago. This is exactly how it is children...(you will have to click on the strip to get a bigger version you can read)


Jonathan Emmett said...

Hi Steve

The first time I've seen this. It's abolutely spot on - apart from the bit about stories taking only five minutes to write. I spend years reseaching mine and the manuscripts are painstakingly engraved onto marble slabs before I personally deliver them to the publisher!

L&C said...

Hehe... I have that Posy Simmons cartoon strip on the studio wall... just to remind me how easy it all is on the days I doubt my career choice!